Monday, 19 August 2013

Summer Time

Hi Guys!!

Just thought I would post a few photos taken by a lovely French lady who was helping us last week... man do I get spoilt!!

Red onion head.. two days on a roof....

Great door stop

new pool table, cervical view

Shearer in new 2013 strip, currently unbetean

No metal is safe with Silvey!!

First prize in hunt the gnome goes to.... Silvey!!

The best way to win at darts is to sharpen them.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Yes!!! My washing machine broke down!!

Well, technically it didn't... I won two broken ones from a pal, but if the truth counts, ours is on its last legs, so if it breaks during the reading of this blog, then the trutch beholdeth..

Matched with spanners, angle grinders, advice givers, a stray dog, a dog with sarcasm, a girlfriend with attitude, a hangover, and 30 plus degrees in the shade,  I set out in full sun...

A nice thickness to cut with a small angle grinder, to make the walls of the solar cooker

Solar cooker at work baking a ginger sponge... it gets to about 100 celcius, a bit low for baking so admittedly had to finish it in oven

Window from washing machine door, in our previously dark ladies loo, care of Petra!

Weight ring creates a nice surround for a Portulaca

Sundried tomatoes, temperature is perfect!
Drum makes a spectacular light or fire pit... I will wait until winter to try this one..
 The alternator could be used as a bicycle generator and various wires for a controller but I opted to sell them for scrap as they are heavy and worth 6 euros each. There was lots of body work left over - I learnt to use the creases and corners on the solar oven to save time.
Now, why is there an enormous pile of clothes in the sink...