Monday, 15 August 2011

The Full Monty!!

In terms of multi media, captain fantastic hi tech super blogs. Nothing to do with red wine fuelled midnight naked conger dancing contests...
I wish. so many good looking friends staying here I am starting to look very ordinary. When I accidentally bought an OAP travel card last year in England and had it inspected five times with no complaints...

Sooty was most put out being used as a political weapon

Had a riot last week, laughed for days... that was actually a Les Dawson ( a dead comic). Sometimes in these really run down areas with 80% unemployment, a riot / looting / arson would be like a day out to the zoo for us guys. This is not being glib, but broken families, drug abuse, no chance of working, homeless, unqualified, godless... what chance for the take away generation?

Meanwhile (back) down on the farm...

The political arguments last well into the night, catch a quick snippet here!

Us being interviewed on Kiss FM with the famous Sabino!!

Will you all go home? How many mouths can we feed.... typical night at Quinta Stuart - come and see!

Our latest volunteer....... we find the younger they are the less they eat!!

Birdie and Kimbo, never their best at breakfast..

Too hot, you know where to find me, under the nearest stone, Stu x

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Our Fragile Planet

Whilst Little Britain riots and cancels football matches, this clever chap is stocking up for the hard times to come...

Whether a riot in London (imagine this happening whilst the Olympics are on!!) or a crashing stock exchange, I guess we are bit in the poo. Seriously.
I guess (again) that me or you could really close our eyes and go to work tomorrow and pretend all is ok, food on the shelves, water in our pipes.
But what happens if it is not? What if the trillion dollar bailout in the Useless of A is burnt through in what six months and there is no more rescue funds? I will leave you to ponder that.......... meanwhile, down on the farm, we have been busy.

Deciding to save a few euros, we are not using our irrigation to water the trees, only an occasional splash using our used shower water , the trees which are now 3 years old are not suffering and have given a good crop. This means our water bill is 50% less than last year.. and we have a lot more people staying.

Kimbo and Birdie have moved on after a month here. Kimbo has been working like a trojan, finishing the decking and fencing and tidying all the boundaries. Thanks guys and enjoy Croatia and Greece and eventually Australia. looking for an older female to stay for the rest of the summer. Free room and food in exchange for a few hours help cleaning and cooking six days a week??

Thanks to Jimbo and Birdie for the new decking, now the whole of Theatre of Dreams, Cheeky Chapati and Tikka Bar is all decked.. bare foot luxury!!

And thanks to Pura Vida for lending us Paul Palmer to teach us how to build steps in less than 4 days er hours!! (Cheers Paul!!)

Fig time is with us again. Not a good year for the green ones - our main four trees will only be good for drying figs but the neighbours black figs are great!!

With 36 celcius in the shade, we have cancelled the fortnightly movie night but we are showing the odd movie for our guests every three or four days - just wish those hammocks weren't so comfy...... some big bugger always falls asleep within half an hour of the film,, see you next month, Stu and Owl x