Monday, 15 August 2011

The Full Monty!!

In terms of multi media, captain fantastic hi tech super blogs. Nothing to do with red wine fuelled midnight naked conger dancing contests...
I wish. so many good looking friends staying here I am starting to look very ordinary. When I accidentally bought an OAP travel card last year in England and had it inspected five times with no complaints...

Sooty was most put out being used as a political weapon

Had a riot last week, laughed for days... that was actually a Les Dawson ( a dead comic). Sometimes in these really run down areas with 80% unemployment, a riot / looting / arson would be like a day out to the zoo for us guys. This is not being glib, but broken families, drug abuse, no chance of working, homeless, unqualified, godless... what chance for the take away generation?

Meanwhile (back) down on the farm...

The political arguments last well into the night, catch a quick snippet here!

Us being interviewed on Kiss FM with the famous Sabino!!

Will you all go home? How many mouths can we feed.... typical night at Quinta Stuart - come and see!

Our latest volunteer....... we find the younger they are the less they eat!!

Birdie and Kimbo, never their best at breakfast..

Too hot, you know where to find me, under the nearest stone, Stu x

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