Monday, 3 October 2011

A clueless cretin abroad..

If you ever think governments actually have a clue how to run the country, rethink and consider the below...

Dafty Cameron advised yesterday for individuals to pay off their credit cards - sound advise but he may have forgotten that the whole world swings around on credit.... without credit or debit, there is no economy and the economy stifles. Anybody know why? Oh and not suprisingly he retracted the comment later on today. And then proposed more money to banks to lend (or to swallow themselves)

Obama has advised Europe to give the banks THREE TRILLION EUROS to solve the problem.. He obviously runs the whole world, not only the Uselss of A. When, dear friends did we actually have an economy that ran on the good old system, sell your products, spend the profit on your friends products and so on.... Nineteenth century aparently.

Meanwhile, down the farm, the credit crunch (or 3D, first to name the triple dip that follows..) plays a background role as fun and love gets in the way of bank and political theft!!

The Hug Deli at Manta Rota, Eastern Portugal, Invisible products at invisible prices.. the tour continues!!! Volunteers wanted!!

Used tyres, new shoes

Take a genuine Harley Davidson used back tyre, from the local dumpster

Use the old crocs as templates and cut out two new soles

Contact adhesive and glue together... another 2000 miles!!

The Triple Indian Summer still continues, my tan deepens and bar a broken projector, the hammocks at Quinta Stuart are still well occupied. A great bring and share curry night last week end signified the end of Quinta Stuart's summer season.

We will be adding another wooden house (Stuey's Shack) this winter and are planning more outreach and educational courses - watch this spot!!

Owl at the Lisbon Bike Run

We must remember that as long as we tread gently on this world, speak kindly, live carefully, love generously, care deeply we will all be okay. Stu and Owl x

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