Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Closing time on the farm

We bid a fond farewell to Super Mario and Sabina, our favourite Italians - not only did they persuade me to go deep sea fishing with them, they cooked all the catch!!

Lecca's finest!! They sure know how to cook (and pose!) in Southern Italy...

Last of the summer whine... Sooty in full camouflage mode.

The rain finally arrived in early November and after the first couple of storms we took the tipi down and winterised Cheeky Chapati ready for a new floor and a revamp. The list of jobs is so long -new sofa lounge, one more wooden house, more paths, planting, clearing, repairing... need more volunteers!! We also took advantage of taking a week end course in Tagledt plastering (Moroccan marble dust) which is sooo difficult - a fantastic week end and big thanks to Joachim of for a fantastic time, two great lunches and lots of friendly kindred spirits - Adobe course next!!

Had trouble concentrating on the task. ex Newcastle United striker Brian "Killer" Kilkine's wife working opposite me!!

Owl next to one of her latest wall hangings - all made of used plastic bottles to highlight the waste we generate on this tiny planet.

We went up to Evora last week end to celebrate daughter Rebeccas 18th birthday... where have all the years gone? She started university in what must be one of the prettiest cities in Portugal... just do not try and find a coffee after 8pm...

Owl and Becky at Restaurante Malagueira, a great Spanish tapa place, the only restaurante that was full!

Yours truly and Holly

End of season at Quinta Stuart and the return of the naked gardener / chef / builder....

James, aka "Jimbo" our last volunteer of the summer..typical nice Aussie, thrashed me at go karting. couldn't beat me at darts though...

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