Monday, 5 December 2011

Travelling in Time

An Eco Christmas, Part One

A years supply of wine bottles make an excellent Christmas tree at a fraction of the cost to this tiny planet!!

I am not a relaxed or organised traveller, but I know that when the hire car I booked is not awaiting me at the airport because of a computer mistake, it's the car hire company's problem. What I am slowly learning is that when the car isn't there because I accidentally booked it for the wrong airport, it's still sort of their problem.

Hot tears of self-recrimination are a waste of everybody's time; just take a deep breath, walk up to the desk and present yourself as a mess to be cleaned up. Advance planning can be psychologically soothing, but nothing will serve you as well as a relaxed attitude toward your own incompetence. Never apologise, never explain, and throw money at the problem if you think it will help!!

Travel hints number 1.

We all know about couch surfing, but choose the single hosts.. with no mates they are bound to cook you something!!

Admit your mistakes cheerily. No, I can't speak a word of Croatian, which is why I ordered the tripe. Yes, I lost my hotel key. No, this is not the credit card I booked with. Yes, looking at the ticket more closely, it does seem to be for yesterday's flight. No, I am not really fit to travel, but it's too late to worry about that. I'm here now.... well we will be soon as the guide book and map arrive - we are off to Cuba.

Travel Hints no. 2

Get free upgrades on your long haul flights, add Professor to your name by purchasing a £200 degree in drug abuse from The European City Of Opiates 2010 (formally known as Evertonia)

Just a small hurdle of Christmas, brothers, kids, nieces, vegetarian turkey and an overdraft to clear.... and a few jobs on the farm, better get busy!!!

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