Thursday, 22 December 2011

15 minutes with a local hero!!

Sometimes a quiet drink leads to great things...

Sunday morning at BJs in Sta Barbara and SIC National news get confirmation from yours truly on the pending collapse of the euro and all Portugal's banking system... you mean no-one told you?? Watch the whole article with Owl's legendary Jamesons Whisky Cameo role on the link below...

Absolutely fabulous December weather, sunset over the naked bones of the Tipi

A minor refit and total repaint of the inside of the Cheeky Chapati, making it much comfier.

A new deck path and gravel garden add a nice touch to Villa Ganeesha. We are currently installing a new roof and draft proofing the walls.

Weedsheet and pinebark to tidy up the garden below Cosy Cabin.

New stone wall, giant Streltzias, weed sheet and Spanish pea gravel in the area between Cosy Cabin and the house. Now the remaining areas can be mowed or strimmed making the general maintenance much easier... us Landscapers are lazy beggers really!!

So Christmas looms, both Holly and Becky are with us for the holidays. We head off to Cuba for few weeks early January to study urban Permaculture design (and how to make the perfect Mohito!) and are back mid February. Have a great Christmas and don't do anything I wouldn't...

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