Tuesday, 30 December 2008

New Years Eve

After a really wet couple of days, a smoking fire, an absent girlfriend (housesitting) and two mud strewn dogs, I'm kinda looking forward to falling into 2009.
You will have to wait for my speel on Quinta Stuart, our little eco farm as three things have just occurred to me!!

1. Rainfall this year is nearly 700mm (see link to Algarve Weather on sidebar) - this is somewhat above average of 450mm. Great except I didn't link the owl house to the water tank so I wasted collecting a lot.

2. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran is definately a cool person. Neither the Queen or "Dubya"  or Obama (Nickname anybody?) came close to summing up Christmas. He stated that if Jesus was on the world today , our Saviour would be really dismayed at the violence and murder that is going on so close to his place of birth. For stating the truth, he gets lambasted in the national press. The Americans kill far more people than Iran and have honed torture to a fine art (Guantanamo Bay for example). 

3. The answer to the credit crunch on a postcard please!! It seems the fat cats have a new solution - pay cuts and pay freezes. In my job, my prices have been frozen for the last three years - the market and competition dictates this. What disappoints me is the original reason, undoubtedly human greed. New car anyone?

4. I love Portugal because of its simplicity. Ignore the nasty paperwork, all countries are the same. No space in England for a country boy like me. A leading English vet now recommends not throwing sticks for dogs as they are too dangerous. Dan Brockman, white coat man at the Royal Vet College completes his own anal labotomy with this classic statement " I have seen injuries that have cost up to 5000 pounds in treatment fees  - but where the dog has still died in the end" Lets hope the credit crunch allows you to lower your fees for us humble ex pats, don't choke on your fois gras amigo.

And if you want to read a little about Quinta Stuart, read my articles on the Algarve Residents website (
If that stupid set of hyroglyphics doesn't work, go to and click on homes and gardens then click on gardens.

Well Happy New Year and see you in a week. Don't forget we need the odd volunteer at the farm if you have a few days spare. Lunch, dinner and a wood fire in exchange for four hours work.


  1. This is either a good end to 2008 or a great start to 2009. If your blog is as amusing and informative as your articles I look forward to my weekly dose.

    Happy New Year to all at Quinta Stu!

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