Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Invest in yourself!

Giant triffid guards Casa Mexico, now complete, 
must go to the beach and get some sea water!!

Sitting here with a three day old tummy ache, I don't know what is worse, the gut ache or the bolly chemist who sold me a sweet version of alka seltzer for ten euros. It will be a while before I eat Japanese food off a conveyor belt again... although it may have something to do with the green jelly and unlimited prawns. This is the Fukukutchi Restaurante at the new Olhão Shopping centre. First four letters of the name sum up what they have done to me (Owl was ok, think it is hidden meat or lard that got me).
The saving grace is we have moved into our tipi, and man do we sleep like babies - I have even put the quilt back on as it gets a little chilly in the middle of the night. Those who mock me, sleep soundly in your beds whilst the bugs in the air con system infest your every inward breath. It really shows how little you need to live in a hot country.

Instant bedroom anyone? Thanks to Calvin of Tipi Algarve for the erection

My view every morning, like a rebirth


A politician? A banker? A policeman? Possibly the copper. To illustrate why the world is very very depressed consider this (ah.. a list!!)

a) Santander Group are the worlds biggest banking group: They have overtaken HSBC, and now as the worlds local bank must employ more village idiots by definition.

b) Alliance and Leicester are owned by Santander

c) A  and Leicester's latest add offers 6% interest for up to 2500 pounds for a year to the over 50s, after that it reverts to 0.1%

d) In the not so small print is a management fee of 10 pounds per month.

e) If you take the interest minus the management fee (150 minus 120  = 30 pounds yearly interest), you get an interest rate of little over 1%....

And this is from the worlds biggest bank, are we supposed to trust them? Rather you than me. Until we have an economy based on actual business between you and me, the world isn't going to be safe. Funnily enough Prince Charles (Deputy Head of the  NDFP*)) was critisized for suggesting that this is the only way forward and tesco - esque profiterring is wrong. Well done Charlie, one limited edition Princess Diana land mine on its way to you. Suggest you put it under Mugabes cushion next time you have tea with him.

Invest in yourself!

Yes it's a dangerous tactic, self belief. We have been plodding on in the heat at Quinta Stu, buying in water to try and save our flagging vegetables. One thing we have been doing well is foraging for building materials for the Budda Bar, our outside kitchen and bar. Three marble tops from a skip, wooden poles from a scrappie, flag stones from a job and a whole whack of orange canvas stolen from Holland, a few donated doors, a car seat (bar stool!) and a second hand sink will make an interesting project. Just hope I can complete it before Owl cottons on to all this free spirit construction (i.e. Complete Rubbish Hotel Construction System). No money will be changing hands in the building of this icon.

Vital in the construction of an outside bar is 
the bright orange smoking budda

*non democratic fascist party

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