Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Make Love Whilst the Sun Shines

It ain't looting if you leave a note..

A lesson from Hurricane Katrina, you need supplies, take em but leave a message....

I have taken August off. Don't ring, don't sererande, don't hire Lady Gaga to run past me naked***, I am retired for this month. Or I was.
Carobs, Figs, Almonds for starters. My water man and his never ending advice, only lightly dulled by Sagres injection - pick em, dry roast em, stuff em, good job the bugger doesn't know about jam or actually eating the things fresh.... Seems the neighbours are interested in the Carobs and nothing else, every morning I can pick a bucket of figs in five minutes.

And we have been finishing things!!

The Theatre of Dreams gains its sky roof, which we will cover with climbers. As well as a chill out zone, it will be used as an outdoor cinema to show some of the eco films I er accidentally bought on tinternet whilst sponsored by Sagres last week....

Roasting figs in the solar oven - six sunny days, no cost!!

Drying figs on an old pallet and chicken wire. At 700 calories per 100 grammes dried, this is essential winter power food. Neighbours don't even pick theirs....

Fixing the Food Chain

After a snake dropped out of the rafters above my office desk,(small black
one 40cms long - any guesses anyone??) I did some research. Because of my chicken food storage (all over the floor because of the cat), snakes will move in to prey on the rats. since this is a touch disconcerting, I found the answer is the Nile Crocodile - 200 quid later from Ebay Egypt and I think he has cured the problem. The dogs are a little wary and we haven't seen the cat for a while but the problem snakes seemed to have disappeared. Owl is a little scared as we are still sleeping in the tipi, and since the dog can sneak under the sides she seems to think Tooting - come - on (the croc, natch!) might pay us a visit as well, seems just can't please some people............

A real baby at heart, Tooting - come -on is fond of all ends of the food chain

Two Mangoes - at least I managed to plant a good big fruit variety

Pumpkins, another great winter storage food

Crops picked, figs drying, tomato sauce made, it is time for a break. We are off next week to Spain for a couple of weeks - to Cadiz, then Sierra da Grazalema to see Clive of Wildside Holidays ( - great eco places to stay at) and Simon of Los Gazquez eco retreat - fantastic place 1000 metres above sea level(, then down to the South Coast to see my pal Tee Shirt near Motril and along to see Dave and Laura and their earthship construction ( and hopefully to see Eduardo at Spain's leading solar shop near Ronda (
If you need me, text me or Owl on 917814261, or speak to the croc..... he won't fit in the camper.

***Ok, you can really, but she is lousy at gardening - look what she did to my palm tree!!

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