Thursday, 28 October 2010

Woody hits 550 for 3

A sceptic silenced

Born in 1951, in Sheffield, left in a field in Silves for the last two years, filled accidentally with sand, soaked in acid, Woody has had a hard life. Woody is a Rayburn that was brought over from England and used for a winter then left outside.
Owl bewailed that I actually handed over money for it. Two weeks taking sand out of it (someone accidentally tipped 4 cubic metres over it), removing the plates and dipping them into acid, scrubbing the outside, it was time to fire it up.
Spluttering into life with smoke everywhere, Owl left with a frown and a shake of her head.

My secretarial team enjoying the new office heating

Two hours later and three small logs, the oven gauge was moving quickly. Up and up to 550 f. (old English speak for nearly 400 celcius!!). All the cast iron bonded together to stop any leaks and yours truly sat in front with a smile.

Three loaves and bean burgers later, the royal sceptic apologised!!


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