Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Zeberdee time!!

The suns out and there is a whiff of spring in the air

Working hard at Quinta Stuart, we have finished Casa Kiki, the eight berth dormitory which we are only going to furnish with four beds this season. The tipi has a marble floor, Cosy Cabin has new beds (and no woodburner which gives more space), Villa Ganeesha has weathered the winter well and we have fixed all the shade net over the Owl House. Lots still to do and now only five weeks until we open for the season.

A touch of Bali perhaps? Look forward to another shady terrace for the summer

Thanks to Ben for the super cool airstream roof. We will be building models of these for Outreach and The Project.

Inside Casa Kiki, set up for a honeymoon, but also can be used as an 8 bed dorm. or a classroom or yoga studio.

Time now to tidy the whole site and rebuild irrigation. As a lot of the fruit trees are now three years old, we are going to remove the individual points and just leave irrigation to the younger trees and raised beds and even then as little as possible.
We have to water save and mulching the trees, adding shade and removing poor trees seems the way - whilst most trees have rocketed, a few miserable ones deserve to be removed or replanted.

Martins Zub zub - our Polish volunteer removed the washing board and filled it with our own compost. The seedlings are a mix of wild flowers and Basil.

This years Apricot crop is going to be good!

So with plenty of volunteers, lots of enthusiasm, lots of friends, her's to a great summer! Keep watching, Stu and Owl x

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