Sunday, 19 June 2011


Start of the Summer Season at Quinta Stuart

Thanks to the elleven guests who turned up for the first Green Movie Night of summer 2011. We watched "Who Killed The Electric Car", about the GM conspiracy of destroying the most successful electric car of its time. Praise for the film came from all, as well as the three tonnes of home made pop corn that all got eaten....... how can you guys eat so much?

Next film night is on Saturday July 2nd, 8.30pm for the screening at 9pm. We will be showing "Food Inc.", exposing the incredible evil of food production. A handful of farmers produce virtually all the worlds food.. dictated by our mega chains of supermarkets. I promise to make even more popcorn. A donation of 5 euros is appreciated and there are plenty of cold drinks

It's getting better! Stu's latest bread

It has been a busy week at Quinta Stuart, volunteer Anna and Owl have got the whole place sparkling and with Rick Swanley we installed an air conditioning unit in the Cosy Cabin. Not quite eco I know but solved the hot box problem.

We were lucky to be given a big load of decking and have finished a deck under the main dining area and a funky path to the existing deck. We still have loads left!!

We extended The Tikka Bar, this section is to be named The Lizard Lounge (Come and be a lounge lizard at the Lizard Lounge!) After the peach tree has fruited we will deck this area as well.

Thanks to Uncle Tommy for the two sofas - yet another place for Stuart to fall asleep. Seems to be a bad year for mosquitos and I am trialing a neat unit from Leroy Merlin that emits a signal - 7 euros and no silly blue tablets (no viagra pun intended). With the tipi up, all the rooms finished, the pizza oven fired up we are ready for summer - come and see!!

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  1. Emits a signal? Wot, wakes you up so that you can swat the mozzie?