Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Paralitympics

The Wonderbag... great haybox style cooker, eco living in hectic times

Well, a massive massive thanks to the British Army for providing the majority of Britains paralympic team. what would we do without those sneaky little landmines and extended holidays in Iraq and Afganistan?
The future for the next paralympics in Brazil looks bleak for the British team with Cameron, the current British dictator looking to pull out the future British team from Iraq.
meanwhile, down on the farm...

No, not the Paralympic team bus, but a fire engine that got stuck in P and J's driveway during last months fires. The crew were all ok but are currently retraining to be EVA bus drivers..

Matt and Caro,Canadian, alias rather keen on Stuarts food

Picasso with thermal roof and outside deck. We intend to close in the outside deck as a winter office with wood burning stove with built in still.

Ollie Lamas applying Adobe to the front of Tikka Bar in last months one day Adobe course
Ras, from Lithuania, our current helper, don't try and stay up with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adobe finish to the front wall of Picasso... all done whilst Ras, our wonderful helper slept!

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