Sunday, 3 April 2016

Fifty, grey and shady

    Fight for the right to be savvy

   In "Ray Winston pose" Stuart returns from a sabbatical in England hunting sea coal, art deco pubs. Feeling fresh,       raring to go and yes, the wrong side of nifty fifty..

Turning forty was easy, crawling over the finishing line of the rich thirties, Iger blood and Adonis D.N.A. I dragged that massive bucket across the byb bye thirties line.

A very relaxed Stu helping orphand in Cambodia last year
 Forty to fifty?  Crossed all them crosses, emptie,d the bucket list, Divorce, tick sports car, tick, live in girlfriend, tick. Gout tick cancer scare, tick, negative equity, closed business, unusual parts of body hurting, running out of money, credit card theft, kids don't ring. Yes, tick tick tick...

And fifty?New bucket list...
Survive to sixty (pension matures)
Get teeth fixed
Getting rid of expensive car
Getting rid of spare tyre...
Not surviving to seventy (pension well blown)

The trouble is I lost the bucket..At fifty it is a life viewed through scratched varifocals. The rose tinted hippy shades have long been borrowed by my Gladstonebury bound neices.

Meanwhile down on the farm...

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