Wednesday, 27 January 2010

A Month of Sundays

Ground Hog Day, Goa Style

Again written on a computor overwritten with Flat Head scribbles (Russian things..)
After several days on the beach (now in Palolem, South Goa), we have re booked flights to come back earlier - a week in England, then back to Portugal.

Very nearly tested the principle of groundhog day to the limit yesterday as I decided to take a short cut and swim around an outcrop of rocks to the next bay. Strong tides, several beers and a lack of direction (yes, Snr. Stupido got lost in the ARABIAN SEA!!) toook its toll as two hours later I got to shore - saved mainly by my very boyant crocs (foam sandals). Ah well, saved you all a trip to Goa, but if it happens again, check previous blogs re where to stay...

BBQ, Goa Style... all invited.

As the sun dips, anywhere in Goa, the bonfires start, and after a few minutes you realise the locals are burning all the plastic bottles and packaging. I am sure napalm smells sweeter. If someone clears an area, as many eco groups are doing, then the neighbours will drop their rubbish there double quick. Don't try and relax on the beach, as am average of 6 - 8 sarong, cd, dvd, sunglass, massage salesmen will wake you up every HOUR!!!!
Stop at a shop and you spend half an hour explaining that they are trying to charge more than 'kin Harrods.

Several people recommended Goa... I wonder if they have actually been here? The fish is never fresh, hung in the sun all day, seafood is more expensive than Portugal, they put Glycerin in the local beer to preserve it, the food is so confused - every restaurant serves Indian, Goan, Italian, Chinese, Nepalise, Continental and heck knows what else food, most of it below average. All with a smile.

Our local restaurant.

Come to Goa, get a tan. Seems it is the reserve of chavs on benefit. Of course it would be, with charter flights from Manchester, it's just up their street...

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