Friday, 12 February 2010

Comfortable shoes

Guess who's back...

Crumbs, if I realised how much it rains here I would have stayed in Goa.
Actually, my old chinas, 'tis a lie....

a) We were in England for a week
b) So cold, why do people live there?
c) Good beer, magnificent totty, so expensive

Our giant of a water tank is full. In fact I have had to take serial baths and open a garden tap to lower the level as it started running down the electrics to the pump. Given that it was a quarter full and it is based on three years average rainfall, you can guess how much rain we have had. Shedloads, bloody shedloads. Enough thank you, I need to earn a few shillings now thank you.
Those unfortunate to have bought the "BordD'Agua 2010" (kind of a weather alamac and it is me and Calvin (Tipi Algarve, must call in...... the short cut goes through a river in summer!!) will be already depressed. For the rest of you sun seeking mortals, I give you the quarter moon predictions as follows AND sorry sorry sorry in advance, remember Noah's real claim to fame was he invented wine. Here goes :-

14 Feb (New moon) Cloudy Weather
22 Feb (waxing quarter) Gloomy Weather
28 Feb (Full moon) Cold Weather
7 March (waning quarter) Unstable weather
15 March (New moon) Cloudy and wet weather
23 March (waxing moon) Unstable weather
30 March (Full moon) Unstable weather
6 April ((waning moon) Unstable weather
14 April (New moon) Unstable weather
21 April (waxing moon) wait for it wait for it.....sun!!! Oh yes so much sun you can can it (clever huh?) and send it to bolly old England
22nd April (hangover) on the beach tanning, water skiing, scrape the rust off the BBQ, fall asleep in the sun
23rd April (hangover) Complain its too hot and retreat into dark bar
24th April (hat trick of hang overs..) Starts raining again
25th April (holiday) Stand in the rain with neck back mouth open laughing manically
26th april (in straight jacket) Try and persuade nice policeman you are award winning blog author...

See you in May, now where's good for a bit of sun at this time of the year....
Stu x

PS Check out my highly impressive new photos of Goa on the top right of this blog!!

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