Thursday, 3 June 2010

Villa Ganeesha Now Open


Apologies for the lack of text in the last blog. Good old Linux (or rather Uncle Ubuntu) likes to show my blog in html as I am typing it - including the pictures which makes editing it all rather tricky (HTML stands for "Leave it to the anoraks, I'm off to the pub"). As work is quiet I have taken two weeks off and finished Villa Ganeesha, the first of our Eco co co huts, a simple pole and bamboo net construction. Ganeesha (named after the Hindu Elephant God) is 1,5 metres above the ground, a small 3m by 3m bedroom with a covered terrace at the front.

Villa Ganeesha in its various stages of construction. The tongue and griive walls took ages, whereas the roof took a morning..... Sheets from Goa and rugs from the Atlas mountains give it a really relaxed feel. A small fan moves the air and a few meditation cds make it a lovely place to stay - please drop in and try it. We will start the next version in September.


A couple of friends called in, and described Quinta Stuart as "Paradise" Sometimes I can be blinkered when working and watering the land every day. Only by taking photos and putting them on my blog, can I see the progress. Trees are laden, courgettes, onions, nabos, green beans and beetroots, tomatoes ripening, bananas hanging laden, apricots and peaches ripening, it all is growing. Water is still a pain, we have already used a third of the water tank (my fault, left an irrigation system on all day....) and have started to buy in water already.Not too permaculture based but we will cover this summers water bills with the few weeks we have booked in the Owl House.

We will concentrate from next January re renting out our various rooms, but in case you are curious, it is basically the following:-


Lovely wooden chalet with en suite bathroom and sun terrace with simple outdoor kitchen (fridge, gas cooker, work top - this will be improved over this winter)
A simple calm place to stay, ideal for a couple. A comfy double bed and just installed air conditioning. From 210 euros per week


A 5,5m genuine Indian Tipi. Inside is a double bed and simple lighting. You may have to prise Stuart out of there!! As the sun sets, the warm air flows under the tipi sides and accelerates out of the smoke flap at the top. In the morning, the early light illuminates the canvas to give the perfect dawn. From 150 euros per week.


Our brand new Goa style co co hut. Sits 1,5m above the ground with a narrow shaded terrace and a bamboo walled bedroom with bright Goan coloured sheets line the walls. This is a good eco option as it has a high quality compost loo nearby and an indoor shower room and small kitchen. It is next to The Cheeky Chapati Cafe - a shaded lounge and outdoor kitchen and also close to The Theatre of Dreams, a shaded chill out zone with seven hammocks and outdoor movie screen!! From 140 euros per week


A small chalet with two single beds, again close to the compost loo, shower and shaded areas. From 120 euros per week

Prices are for two people sharing - we keep the prices cheap and can do favorable deals for sinlge people. We expect a small donation on top of these prices for water, and give a small discount if you bring your own bedding. We have washing machine, wifi unlimited internet and like to organise courses and special days / movie nights / airport pick ups. Try and find something of the same quality with an eco theme cheaper!!

I was trying to add more photos but Uncle Ubuntu won't play!! Please feel free to call in for a herbal tea (often Sagres flavoured).
Take care, Stu and Owl xx

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