Sunday, 2 May 2010

Pre Election Special

Nick Griffin now clear favorite to rule the UK Dictatorate

It was obvious that Gordon missed the boat in Rochdale. A bigot is a deep fried pizza in that neck of the woods, but to "uber" insult Mrs Jenny by calling her "that women" is unforgivable, akin to calling her a whore, a husband robber, an alcoholic and even dare I say it... a person from Yorkshire.

Kate and Rich moved on to Robin's eco centre near Aljezur (google pura vida for the link) and we now have Greg (Gandi) and Izabella (Easy) working hard here. The good weather has finally arrived and the building work is really coming on.

New seating in the Cheeky Chapati cafe - all done by Kate and Rich

The Theatre of Dreams now complete with seven hammocks

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