Thursday, 25 March 2010

Lionel, Jordon and Billy Depp

Famous Celebrities help out at Quinta Stuart

Owl lecturing in Alaska last month

Shot from the opening night at the Theatre of Dreams

New roof on the Buddha Bar

The Theatre of Dreams

Chicken City

Famous celebrities build incredible structures at Quinta Stuart!!

Two weeks of good weather, two Aussies and Johnny Depps younger brother have moved Quinta Stuart on a mile. As I write rain has just started again... The theatre of Dreams now has a straw roof, six hammocks and (gasp viewers) lights and power. Saturday saw this years premeire of The Green Outdoor Movie Enterprise, the outdoor cinema under the theatre of dreams. Eco films, Flight of the Concords and great food made a fabulous night.

We now have a new chicken house and on Sunday adopted four point of lay Rhode Island Reds... named Tikka, Tandoori, Supreme and Percy. Still awaiting the first egg!!

We have doubled the size of the Buddha bar, the roof is on and Lionel, Jordon and Billy are rapidly gaining speed and experience in brick laying to create the Lounge Lizard Sofa (an enormous c shaped chilli out seating area. All the garden has been cleaned, lots of seedlings added around the fruit trees and we watch daily new buds on the trees, seeds sprouting from last years vegetables and lots more!!

Trust me, join as a host and have lots of fun!!!

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