Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Triple Dip

It's really a no brainer...

Regardless of government spiel, it is not a douple dip, an economic roller coaster or some Irish guys fault for building 600,000 houses too many (yes that's right, an extra house for every seventh person in Ireland.....). We are on a flat line of zero growth, zero investment, zero interest rates on savings, hidden inflation rates and new uber taxes and secret tax police (remember them from the seventies?).

Time to shine fellow humans! Time to ignore Saddam Bin Borat Obama - whilst he announces cuts to recoup their trillion dollar defeceit, remember the esteemed Americans are well into their third trillion in Iraq and Afganistan. No war no problem eh? Cheap finance, loads a money!!!

Whilst trashing the Americans, here is a good one. General Motors have announced that they will be producing the first commercial hydrogen cell powered car. Whoopee, hurah, take the day off. Take the day off and buy / download "Who killed the electric car". Any guesses? Phone a friend? The same company who ganged up with Firestone and bought up suburban rail lines to ensure you needed to buy a car?
Good old General Motors of course..

Foraging for mushrooms, wood and green compost

Villa Ganeesha, weathering the winter rains

Sooty, in winter shaggy pose

This January's almond blossom was the best for years

So lots of hard work at Quinta Stuart, Singing Jacks, the new shower block is finally finished, our new website ( launched and a few volunteers about to arrive to get everything ready for our opening on May 1st - come and see!!

The Green Movie Season starts Saturday 4th June 2011 with the licensed screening of "Who killed the electric car" at 8pm. Relax in a Goan hammock or comfy chair in the Theatre of Dreams. Tickets are 5 euros each limited to 20 guests including a free drink. There is an honesty bar and free nibbles. Pre booking only via e mail Check our website ( for our full list of The Green Movie Season films and dates.

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