Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The New Human Race

Speed Capitalist

If there is time to reflect, speed becomes imperative. Internet connections or six speed gearboxes, we have to get there quickly. If I'm caught in traffic or stuck in a supermarket queue, I'm snapply, tense, gnarled. I whistle through gritted teeth. I'm addicted to a way of life. Like all addictions, the longer it goes on, the worse it gets. The joys are intermittent, the sorrow always increasing. I'm spending too much money and worker harder and longer hours to keep up so we can travel further and faster and beat the neighbours.

Wrong. And it's not me, but it was. The new WWW... world wide wrecession is giving me a bit more thinking time - think Portuguese, slower, more thinking time, more time for foraging. Whilst an unemployed pal of mine asked me to organise a ton of firewood, I have been pruning my absent landlords non blossoming Almonds and ended up with four tonnes of wood for next winter.
We need three things to survive. Box wine, water and heat. Not necessarily in that order.

Best Almond blossom for years - Owl's new tattoo!!

We have been working hard at Quinta Stuart, now firmly heading for our opening on May 1st. Singing Jacks is now finished, two compost toilets, two bathrooms and the HqO (Headquarters Owl) are now finished and we have started on Casa Paco, the eight berth Goan style dorm.

Singing Jacks, the eco toilet and shower block

Step two on Casa Paco, main supports for the floor

Step three, 1220 screws used to fix the floor boards

We used a mop and all the old tins of Cuprinol mixed in a big bucket to stain the floor in under half an hour!!

I have been out this morning and sourced enough second hand poles for the roof, and we have Sam and Ben arriving this week end to help us finish this and possibly start a small swimming pond. Bring it on!

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