Saturday, 26 February 2011

Life on the farm

Full steam ahead!!

Now the volunteer season has started, we have notched up a gear and hope to finish the eight person dorm within the next month.

Sam and Ben, modern day superheroes posing as volunteers. Ben is a specialist roofer who just happened to arrive as Casa kiki needed a beautiful roof. Sam is responsible for the most fantastic vegetarian food on the planet. Sadly moving on to Robins at Aljezur tomorrow!! Thanks a million guys xxx

Sam and Stuart's sourdough loaves... wow!!!!

Casa Kiki, stepfour. Main trusses on, looking good

Casa Kiki, step five, roof on - think Airstream but sexier!!

Step six, supports for the cladding and the electrics, getting there now!!

So it is progressing really well, might take a break after this project is complete.
Until volunteer number three arrived..... Martin, the Polish Machine!! See next blog..

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