Thursday, 8 March 2012


New Sofa Lounge at Quinta Stuart

Working hard in the winter sunshine, we have finished off the 25 square metre raised covered railed shaded deck. Three sofas and a couple of armchairs have created a really cosy space and we look forward to this summer - keep an eye on our web site for details of courses and retreats.

Hasta la siesta!! Sofa, stay awake... forget it.

Those with a fear of our hammocks, fear not!!

Decking path leads on to the Tipi

Woofer Ken has joined us for a couple of weeks and is busy working through the weeds. Strange that he looks like a cross between Van Gough and Ernest Hemingway!!

The Driest winter for 11 years is still upon us unless it changes radically changes soon. We have had to order water to be delivered, three months earlier than normal.
Deep mulching, watering only with "used" water saves a lot but the experience of eating Christmas lunch outside is several hundred euros of extra water due to a dry winter. We can call this year one in a seven or eight year cycle. Next year nearly as dry then a gradual increase in rainfall as the cycle duplicates itself. Forget global warming, this is an established circle that I have witnessed in nearly thirty years in the Algarve.

Owl is still in England working freelance for a private caring agency - currently in Dorset. The freezer is nearly empty, so come back soon!!

*** We have posted a couple of special offers on our Trip Advisor link - check it out and save 10% on early bookings!! ***

*** Avoid the Olympic chaos - and come here, special rates for the Alternative Olympics - Darts, Boules and Dog walking only at Quinta Stuart ***

Come and build a charcoal maker - Saturday April 14th 10am - including lunch and refreshments 25 euros per person, finish by 4pm, only 8 places available!!

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