Sunday, 29 April 2012

Woofers, TMN Disgrace and lots of rain

        Maybe I am one of the last people to notice that my tinternet has been running like a snail on a rohipnol diet since the 15th of each month. A trip to TMN in Faro Forum Shopping led to an admission that since 15th February, Anacom, the Portuguese ruling telecoms body has limited each individual account to 15 GBs of downloads per month - then it changes to a 1970s style 128kbs max speed.

       No notice or apology. A call to the broadband suppliers resulted in a 25% discount, refused thank you - - BUT please notice if you are still reasonably happy with the service COMPLAIN and you will be offered this discount, They have changed your contractual details (ie it is not unlimited) which is a breach of contract and annuls your contract leaving you free to accept a discount or choose a new plan

       For the same money, I have signed up to a TV deal which is unlimited and I get 15 free Portuguese channels as well, They are also offering free boxes and installation. I am awaiting the engineer to fit all this so watch this spot...

      Meanwhile, down on the farm. Four more volunteers have been and gone and we have really improved our faciilties at Quinta Stuart.

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