Monday, 18 February 2013

Summer in Peru

 Well any excuse for a couple of weeks holiday in the sun, this year Owl chose Peru and a fairly painless 13 hour flight from Amsterdam
 Once the fog lifted, Machupicchu was stunning

                Still intact after 2000 years, and now a Unesco Workd Heritage Site
Our friend shuns away from the fresh meat stand in Lima

Mancora, north Peru. Warm seas and cheap beer

Owl thought the hat would be enough to win the hide and seek competition
Reed boats in Huanchaco, 500km north of Lima

The finest motor museum in the world, in Lima. The is a 1935 Aubern Supercharger - regularly driven by Snr. Norelli, owner of 160 restored cars!!

Best use of a dead palm tree!!

View from our last hostel room

Tropical Peruvian restaurante

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